Direct Response TV Impression
DMA Homes
New York 7.4 M
Los Angeles 5.5 M
Chicago 3.4 M
Philadelphia 2.9 M
Boston 2.4 M
San Francisco 2.4 M
Dallas-Ft. Worth 2.3 M
Washington, DC 2.3 M
Atlanta 2.1 M
Houston 1.9 M
Detroit 1.9 M
Tampa-St. Pete 1.7 M
Seattle-Tacoma 1.7 M
Phoenix 1.6 M
Minneapolis-St. Paul 1.6 M
Cleveland-Akron 1.5 M
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 1.5 M
Denver 1.4 M
Sacramento 1.3 M
Orlando-Daytona Bch 1.3 M


Far-Reaching TV and Radio Advertising Solutions

Crystal Clear Concepts is an industry leader for TV and radio advertising services across US. Since 1988, we have worked with leading advertising agencies to providing affordable and effective advertising solutions for lawyers, doctors and other professionals. With years of experience behind us, we can make advertising on TV and radio effective, quick and simple.

We can help you create impactful advertising campaigns across different platforms to assist you in accessing your prospects and spread your message to a wide audience.  As an advertiser, you have the option to choose from more than 100 options to place your ad and achieve the desired results. Depending on your target market, we can help you with direct response advertising services focusing on a particular area or city. There is a large market available to you for national and local approach on networks like CNN, FOX, CNBC, CBS, ABC and UPN.

Besides serving advertising solutions for lawyers, doctors and other industries, we are into media buying and TV production. We can help you with filming commercials for television, marketing services, and local and national direct response TV media buying. We use the best of advertising experts, equipment and techniques to deliver outstanding results.

For maximum customer satisfaction, we offer premier quality services at the most reasonable rates. Our team can create a comprehensive advertising, media buying and management program for you to save your money and time. Our services are perfect for lead generation, product sales, and consumer information lines. We maintain thorough professionalism while dealing with our clients and educate them on various advertising options available to them within their budget.

If you are looking for advertising, TV production or media buying solutions, we can also provide you demo services to give you a better idea on how to go about it. Our services are risk free, targeted and customized for our individual clients. We ensure that we provide a solution within the budget and timeframe that you have set. Our services are available throughout the country. To request a FREE consultation or inquire about pricing, get in touch with us.


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Direct Response TV Advertising
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TV Media Avails

Direct Response TV :30, :60, and infomercial media buying in over 200 markets. Local advertising on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, UPN and WB Networks.

Direct Response TV :30, :60, and infomercial media buying on over 100 cable networks.

Satellite TV Advertising. Media buys on CNN, MTV, FOX and dozens more.