Direct Response TV Impression
DMA Homes
New York 7.4 M
Los Angeles 5.5 M
Chicago 3.4 M
Philadelphia 2.9 M
Boston 2.4 M
San Francisco 2.4 M
Dallas-Ft. Worth 2.3 M
Washington, DC 2.3 M
Atlanta 2.1 M
Houston 1.9 M
Detroit 1.9 M
Tampa-St. Pete 1.7 M
Seattle-Tacoma 1.7 M
Phoenix 1.6 M
Minneapolis-St. Paul 1.6 M
Cleveland-Akron 1.5 M
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 1.5 M
Denver 1.4 M
Sacramento 1.3 M
Orlando-Daytona Bch 1.3 M

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Local & National Direct ResponseTV and Radio Media Buying Experts

Crystal Clear Concepts offers a comprehensive media buying and management program that saves our customers time and money. Crystal Clear Concepts has been providing DRTV (Direct Response TV) media buying for lead generation, product sales and consumer information lines since 1988.

Direct Response TV media buying opportunities are constantly changing. Gone are the days when all we had were local ABC, CBS, NBC, and an independent station in each city. Advertisers could just place a spot on four stations and achieve 100 percent market penetration. Today, with so many national cable opportunities, an advertiser has more than 100 options.

We constantly research new opportunities and analyze the effectiveness of national cable networks, Dish TV, Direct TV, and network affiliate stations in over 200 markets.

Crystal Clear Concepts also offers radio media buying on syndicated radio programs and radio stations in the top 200 markets. Plus, you can reach your customers with Sirius and XM satellite stations.

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Direct Response TV :30, :60, and infomercial media buying in over 200 markets. Local advertising on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, UPN and WB Networks.

Direct Response TV :30, :60, and infomercial media buying on over 100 cable networks.

Satellite TV Advertising. Media buys on CNN, MTV, FOX and dozens more.