Direct Response TV Impression
DMA Homes
New York 7.4 M
Los Angeles 5.5 M
Chicago 3.4 M
Philadelphia 2.9 M
Boston 2.4 M
San Francisco 2.4 M
Dallas-Ft. Worth 2.3 M
Washington, DC 2.3 M
Atlanta 2.1 M
Houston 1.9 M
Detroit 1.9 M
Tampa-St. Pete 1.7 M
Seattle-Tacoma 1.7 M
Phoenix 1.6 M
Minneapolis-St. Paul 1.6 M
Cleveland-Akron 1.5 M
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 1.5 M
Denver 1.4 M
Sacramento 1.3 M
Orlando-Daytona Bch 1.3 M


"I have had a positive work experience with George Streapy from Crystal Clear Concepts. He is extremely professional, efficient and has a great knowledge of the business. I have nothing but good things to say about the relationship between DIRECTV and Crystal Clear Concepts. It is truly a pleasure doing business together."

-Erin Cohen, DirecTV



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