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As the founder and President of Crystal Clear Concepts, George Streapy serves as an expert in direct response advertising and marketing for radio and TV. 

He draws on more than 30 years of experience in TV and radio media buying to generate leads and sales for a wide range of clients. 

Prior to working in media buying, George served as a sales manager and  a station programmer at radio stations in Miami and West Palm Beach. 

He graduated cum laude from Barry University with a B.S. in business administration and attended University of Alabama-Birmingham with graduate degree studies in sociology. 

At Crystal Clear Concepts, George aims to save clients time and money. He helps clients by researching new media opportunities and carefully analyzing the effectiveness and overall  reach of national cable networks, DirecTV, DISH Network, and network  affiliate stations in more than 200 markets. 

Initial test budgets starting at $25,000 allow George Streapy and Crystal Clear Concepts  to assist clients in introducing direct response infomercials to a select demographic. His extensive experience in radio and television stations nationwide will allow you to save money while increasing penetration into new markets.   

On a national level, George Streapy purchases advertising time through cable stations, including CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and MTV, among others. On a regional level, his familiarity with established and emerging stations nationwide in daytime, weekend, and late-fringe time slots can get your spots on affiliates of CBS, NBC, ABC,  and FOX, among others. 

In addition, George Streapy and Crystal Clear Concepts welcome last-minute media purchases and can show you how to use that as a tactical advantage.

George holds a bachelor of science degree from Barry University, certification from Columbia Business School and graduate studies at University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Direct television and radio advertising - how to do it - how to let George help

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When you make your media buy through Crystal Clear Concepts, you're not buying through a conglomerate corporate entity where your campaign fades away into a mosaic of competing corporate interests.  No.  You're buying George Streapy.  You're buying George.  

For most of his career, George has been inside and partners with some of the largest and smallest television and radio outlets in the country.  He has spent decades fine tuning his understanding of how television and radio advertising works.  The best markets, the best stations, the best networks.  The best deals.

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. George's mission statement?  To get you the very best deal on your media buy he can.

The most number of spots.  The best time slots. The best stations and networks to get you the best exposure for your campaign.

Don't buy a nameless, faceless media buying service.  Buy Crystal Clear Concepts and buy the personal service only we can give you.

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George is a published expert in the field of media buying.  See his article in Target Marketing above.  Click the button below to read it from the source.

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